Big Money to the Curb


The Rico E. Harris Story


I was a very productive and highly decorated federal government employee for 26 years.  Then I owned a very successful company that I started in my shed.  Married for 17 years and raising 3 children.  Owned a beautiful home in Springdale, MD, nice cars and furniture, the latest electronics, fine jewelry, three bank accounts and was the “Boss of the Kingdom” at home and on the job.


Born in 1956 in Washington, DC, attended catholic school, Bowie State College and the University of the District of Columbia.  I also lived over 40 years with Undiagnosed Major Depression.  Now I can say that I have slept anywhere from the finest hotels in the country to abandon houses, abandon cars, shelters and the curb.  I have eater filet mignon to anything I can get my hands on.


Currently I am homeless; my mental disability is stable through psychotherapy and medication.  I am the Executive Director of the largest homeless shelter in the country – The Community for Create Non-Violence (CCNV).  The CCNV provides shelter services for over 700 homeless people on any given day.  I am also a Nationally Certified Addictions Counselor.  In addition, I have learned to appreciate what I consider an extremely miraculous one-on-one relationship with GOD, one that I had all of my life.

“God Bless You”


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