• CCNV was established

  • Peace, education and antiwar activism


  • Oakridge Conference held

  • Zacchaeus Community Kitchen established

  • CCNV moved to N Street

  • Zacchaeus Clinic, Hospitality House and Pre-Trial House established


  • Euclid House was established

  • Anti-war actions and "Fast for Famine Relief" activism continues

  • Father Guinan fasted over Archdiocese Mansion


  • Fairmont Street Campaign began

  • Father Guinan began supermarket "eat-ins"


  • Euclid House opened living room for night hospitality

  • Occupation of Fairmount House

  • CCNV staffed Luther Place and St. Stephen's shelter

  • Renovation of Fairmont House

  • First Holy Trinity Campaign began

  • Fairmont building destroyed in the fall

  • Began Nation Visitor’s Center Campaign

  • Second Trinity fast began on Christmas Eve

  • Euclid House operate Blair and Pierce Shelter

  • Campaign for C Street shelter began

  • N Street branch dissolved

  • First funeral for homeless man

  • Drop-in center established

  • Cathedral sit-ins and blood pouring

  • CCNV stopped Mayor from closing men’s shelter

  • CCNV leaders testified before U.S. Congress on homelessness

  • CCNV leaders Mitch Snyder and Harold Moss lived on grates

  • CCNV poured blood on the District Building


  • CCNV established Reganville, across from the White House, in Lafayette Park;

  • Prayer-ins at the White House

  • Corpus Christ grassroots campaign began

  • CCNV had Congressional luncheon

  • Began Giant Foods Campaign

  • Free groceries established

  • Kansas City fast began

  • Victor Howell Infirmary established

  • CCNV requested on 2nd Street, NW

  • The Presidential Hotel was shelter for the holidays


  • 800 People stayed at 2nd Street residence

  • U.S. Congress held hearings in the basement of the shelter

  • CBS Television’s 60 Minutes filmed story on Mitch Snyder

  • CCNV officially asked government to renovate 2nd Street shelter

  • Government agreed to let residents remain until permanent location was found

  • Initiative 7 Campaign (Right to Shelter) began

  • CCNV fasted for shelter renovation (Mitch Snyder for 51 days)

  • November 4, 1984 - President Regan promised model physical shelter

  • CCNV operated dilapidated shelter for 1,000 people

  • The government rescinded on promise to renovate, eviction was threatened but stopped by President Regan

  • “Samaritan” was filmed for broadcast television

  • Second fast for renovation of 2nd Street began, the federal government agreed to a $5 million renovation

  • The Regan Administration decided that Congress must appropriate the money

  • Mitch Snyder’s total fast began the Administration cut’s a check for the first million dollars

  • The U.S. Congress appropriated the remainder and the renovation began

  • Santana Barbara, CA “Sleep-Out” Campaign began

  • Phase I of resident renovation was completed


  • “Grate American Sleep-Out”

  • July 22, 1987 - President Regan signed the Stewart B. McKinley Homeless Assistance Act into law

  • CCNV members fasted to protest the erection of the Farragut West Metro Stop

  • “Take The Boards” Campaign began

  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at CCNV marked the completion of renovations and the opening of the model shelter

  • 48 day pre-election fast held

  • Protest actions held at the U.S. Capitol

  • “Tear Down the Metro Fences” protest held

  • CCNV filed lawsuit against the District Government for non-compliance with Initiative 17

  • “Promises to Keep” broadcasted on PBS


  • Housing Now! National March on Washington brought 250,000 to the Mall to rally for affordable housing

  • Winter Campaign began to lobby for passage of Bill to restore $25 billion to Federal Housing Budget


  • CCNV burned U.S. Census forms on the steps of the 2nd Street Shelter

  • CCNV activists conducted protest during the State of the Union address and poured blood on the U.S. Capital pillars

  • U.S. Census staff blocked from entering 2nd Street Shelter

  • CCNV activists fasted to protest $19 million in cuts to homeless budget

  • DC City Council rescinded Initiative 17

  • Referendum 005 Campaign began

  • Mitch Snyder dies


  • 5 homeless people froze to death

  • Protest held at Ellen Wilson dwellings

  • CCNV served soup outside of District Council member Jack Evans Foggy Bottom apartment to protest his actions to close shelters

  • Keith Mitchell, spokesman for the CCNV was elected in the District of Columbia as an Advisory Board Commissioner


  • CCNV and CHHO fought to save Foggy Bottom trailers from closure


  • CCNV held Inaugural Ball for Homeless people

  • Stations of the Cross procession held

  • CCNV opened Cooling Center at One Judiciary Square, Office of the Mayor

  • 2nd Street officially renamed Mitch Snyder Place

  • CCNV instituted limits on shelter length of stay

  • 60 Minutes broadcasted critical story of the CCNV


  • Homeless advocates Carol Fennelly and Cliff Newman resigned from the CCNV

  • CCNV protest U.S. military intervention in Haiti


  • CCNV activists held a sit-in at the John A. Wilson Building (formerly District Building)
    to protest District budget cuts

  • CCNV installs a shelter-wide computerized Case Management System


  • CCNV and Olive Branch fought the District Government and Control Board to increase emergency family shelter space, the closure of DC Village

  • CCNV joined COHHO to protest DC budget cuts that effect COHHO continuum care

  • CCNV removed President and Spokesperson Keith Mitchell for alleged Misappropriation of Government funds. Lois Mitchell resigned

  • Due to the investigation of Mr. Mitchell’s actions, HUD ended the computerized management system for CCNV


  • CCNV Vice President Terri Bishop fasted for 37 days to force the District Government to repair CCNV ‘s Federal City Shelter

  • CCNV President Frederick Henry fasted for repairs to roof of Federal City Shelter after District Government and the Control Board reneged on promise to repair roof

  • CCNV established Advisory Board

  • CCNV held forum for Ward Six at-large council members

  • CCNV participated in Operation Arrest Hunger

  • CCNV entered MOU with VA for homeless vets

  • CCNV’s roof repairs are completed

  • CCNV testified before Citizen’s Control Board

  • CCNV finalized policies and procedures organizations


  • CCNV participated in “Stand Up for Democracy” with Martin Luther King III, rally at the Mayor’s office

  • November 19 – CCNV closed Hypothermic Center after 17 years of service


  • CCNV participated in the burial of Mitch Snyder’s ashes at Luther Place.

  • CCNV celebrated its 28th Anniversary with “I Made A Difference Awards”


  • CCNV brought on outside Board members

  • CCNV joined with Americorps in service project to repair Women and Children floor of shelter

  • CCNV protested removal of Children from Shelter

  • CCNV protested proposed move to DC Village

  • CCNV received Beverly “Ma” Curtis Homeless Activism Award


  • CCNV opened First Transitional House (Victory) repaired entirely by the Homeless

  • CCNV opened First Thrift Store (Treasure Chest) operated by volunteers


  • Partnership with Wilderness Technologies began.  Wilderness Technologies trains and teaches the homeless community how to repair computers and teaches them computer lessons


  • Martin Luther King III visits the CCNV and speaks to the residents

  • Started partnership with Fannie Mae’s Help the Homeless Program becoming a beneficiary of the program.


  • Jeff Majors Blankets for the Homeless Tour – Jeff Majors visited the CCNV and became a beneficiary of the program.

  • Dalai Lama visits the CCNV

  • 2008 CCNV removed Executive Director Abdul Nurriddin for alleged misappropriations of government funds


  • Due the investigations of Abdul Nurriddin, CCNV started to reimburse The Community Partnership (TCP) $90,000.00 for his actions


  • Celebrating the CCNV’s 50th Anniversary



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